Specialty Areas

  • Company visits (1-2 hours) to assess team, program and organization Agile maturity

  • Perform Team, Program, and Organizational Agile audit/assessment

  • Develop Mentoring Plan that defines when and how measurements will be accomplished.

  • Identify specific Agile measurable outcomes and indicators to correct project Agile implementation deficiencies and gaps

  • Train and launch Agile teams

  • Train Teams and Programs on Agile practices - User story/Impact mapping, story workshop, Sprint Planning, planning poker

  • Provide training to Leadership & Management workshops on Agile mindsets, principles and values

  • Develop Agile competency training and Agile-Brown Bag sessions for Program Managers, Project Managers, Testers, Business Analyst

  • Training workshops are based on Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and SAFe frameworks

  • Coach and mentor at all levels (teams, programs, executives) within the organization

  • Coach and mentor organization in Agile adoption and transformation at the organizational Level and Team Level

  • Grow internal Coaches to guarantee the sustainable Agile change

  • Create and build healthy teams that are resilient, creative, resourceful and resonant.

  • Promote sustainable Agile execution across the entire enterprise

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