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Specialty Areas

Agile Assessment & Readiness

  • Company visits (1-2 hours) to assess team, program and organization Agile maturity

  • Perform team, program, and organizational agile audit and assessment

  • Understand where value is created and where company needs to be distinctive

  • Identify elements that can benefit from greater agility, either more dynamic or stable

  • Define end-to-end value streams

Agile Culture

Agile Training & Implementation

  • Identify required changes in culture and mindsets, painpoints, and challenges

  • Provide training to teams, programs and leadership on Agile mindsets, principles and values

  • Select the best agile way of working for each mission(e.g cross-fuctional, self-managing, flow to work)

  • Identify teams, launch teams and define missions to deliver value

  • Design the overall structure(eg, team structure, organizational axes, reporting lines)

Agile Mindset

Agile Coaching & Mentoring

  • Coach and mentor at all levels (teams, programs, executives) within the organization

  • Coach and mentor organization in Agile adoption and transformation at the organizational Level and Team Level

  • Grow internal ScrumMasters and Coaches to guarantee the sustainable Agile change

  • Create and build healthy teams that are resilient, creative, resourceful and resonant.

  • Promote sustainable Agile execution across the entire enterprise

Agile Practices
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