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Core Capabilities

Management Consulting and Strategic Innovation

  • Implementing Innovative Strategies to Optimize Operations, Foster Transformation, and Boost Competitiveness

  • Process Optimization and Lean Management: Identify inefficiencies in business processes and implementing lean methodologies to enhance productivity and quality.

  • Digital Transformation: Leveraging digital technologies to transform business processes, customer experiences, and business models.

Project, Program, and Performance Management

  • Strategic Planning and Alignment -- Drive goal-oriented outcomes, optimize results, and foster continuous improvement.

  • Efficient Program & Project Management -- Ensure timely, budget-conscious completion with a focus on quality, thereby boosting stakeholder satisfaction and organizational reputation.

  • Business Analysis -- Evaluation of current business processes and systems, gap analysis and requirement elicitation for Business Need and Solutions

Agile Excellence in Development, Transformation & Innovation

  • Agile Methodology in Software & System Development: Enhance product quality, flexibility, control, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction through comprehensive lifecycle management.

  • Agile Adoption & Transformation: Expertly lead and manage the transition from inception to full implementation across larger, more complex projects adapting to various organizational contexts,

  • Organizational Culture shift & leadership Development: build leadership and teams to foster an environment of collaboration, empowerment, innovation, experimentation, continuous improvement and holistic approach to problem-solving


  Excela International Group, LLC offers fast, reliable, and experienced   services, leveraging certified resources to deliver high-quality, expert-   driven solutions that ensure customer satisfaction and value. Our   approach is designed to exceed expectations and foster client   delight. With a substantial history of collaboration with the federal   government, our team demonstrates remarkable agility and   adaptability. We have proven expertise in identifying, designing, and   providing customer-centric solutions tailored to meet the unique   needs of our clients through incremental and iterative delivery cycles.   As a trusted advisor, we are committed to delivering the most   effective solutions possible, ensuring that our federal clients achieve   their strategic objectives with unparalleled support and dedication.

Past Performance

DoD Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

Led the successful enhancement of the DCMA Talent Management System, partnering with key subcontractors and employing agile practices, to streamline talent management for over 14,000 DoD employees, significantly improving workforce efficiency and performance.

U.S. NAVY PEO Integrated Warfare Systems (IWS)

Successfully spearheaded the restructuring of the U.S. Navy's Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems, enhancing governance, reporting, and operational processes, significantly contributing to the efficient development of the Integrated Combat System (ICS)

TSA's Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) Technology Infrastructure Modernization (TIM) Program - Successfully led the TSA's TIM Program, using agile practices to enhance project management and application development, streamlining vetting systems and processes, and significantly boosting operational security and efficiency.

AF PEO BES/HIAM Enterprise Logistic Division

Integrated Agile methodologies into the BES Program, streamlining IT delivery for the DoD and improving the MSAT SUP's support for Air Force maintenance across 59 active bases, enabling agile, efficient IT development and deployment.

DUNS Number: 832402130


CAGE Code:  5RVN6


NAIC Codes

541611: Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services

541618: Other Management Consulting Services

541690: Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

541990: All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

541512: Computer systems Design Services

541519: Other Computer Related Services

611420: Computer Training

Contact: Michael Sam (Founder & CEO), SPC 6.0, SPC 5.0 , CSP, CSPO, CSM, ICP-ACC, RSaSP

Cell: 202-730-6929

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