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About Us

Excela International Group’s Agile Consulting Firm comprises passionate, like-minded agile enthusiasts who strive to fundamentally transform how our clients deliver value and delight their customers.

Our approach is feedback driven, co-creative and customized as we partner with our clients to assess, design, implement, train, and coach organizations, programs, and teams in a new way of working. Each member of our professional team is a strategic thinker, with a passion for helping organizations innovate the way they work.


Success is defined in our ability to ask our clients the tough questions, challenge them towards making real, sustainable change and helping them achieve the change, by working with them, side by side.


We move beyond individual teams and work with companies to implement an agile operating model that transforms the fundamental shifts in the mind-sets of the people, establish true agility and the organization's strategy, structure, process, people and technology.

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Michael Sam, CEO & Founder

Michael is a skilled agile coach, business consultant, trainer, and leader with over 17 years of management consulting experience and background in Agile, Scrum, and Lean practices and methods. He has significant experience in government, commercial, non-profit, and software industries.


He is passionate about helping organizations, programs and teams in their quest to become more agile and be able to quickly deliver quality products that delight customers. Michael seeks out creative challenges, love to learn and take pride in a job well done.


He has led agile transformation initiatives from start to large-scale adoption at multiple organizations. Adept speaker and presenter for small groups, large conferences and C-level executives

Michael has relevant certifications and is affialiated with Scrum Alliance, Scrum Inc,  Scaled Agile, IC Agile, and Project Management Institute (PMI).

He holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Decision Sciences and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park.

What are your challenges?

  • Learn the foundations of Agile and Scrum framework, principles, concepts, practices and methods
  • Grow the right culture & Agile Mindset
  • Build the right team structures & interactions
  • Reinforce Agile practices at team and product managers
  • Assess Customer satisfaction - Net Promoter Score, Customer survey, customer satisfaction score
  • Determine operation peformance - Time to Market, Employee productivity
  • Assess employment engagement -organization health surveys, employee satisfactoion survey, 
Contact Us

Cell: 202-630-6578

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